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Did you know that there are more than 29 million Americans that have diabetes and one in 4 people do not even know that they have it?

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), the statistics for people that have diabetes were at 29.1 MILLION Americans in 2014 and only 21 Million people were diagnosed!

With more than 29 million people in the United States having diabetes, 90-95% of these diagnosed cases are type 2 diabetes which makes up about one in ten Americans having type 2 diabetes. Per the CDC, this number is expected to double if not triple by the year 2050!


With the large amount of people being diagnosed with diabetes every day, there are also large costs in health care that follow suite. It is estimated by the American Diabetes Association that the average cost for people that have diabetes is 2.3 times higher than people that do not. The ADA has a study that shows the total estimated costs of diabetes cases to be around $245 Billion. To break it down, this is $176 billion for direct medical costs and the reduction of productivity weighing in at $69 billion. What does this mean for you? This depends on a number of factors, but according to the CDC, a man diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes between 25 years old and 44 years old can expect to pay an average of $124,700 over his lifetime. The numbers are worse for women. A women of the same age range can expect to pay an average of $130,800 over her lifetime.


So you have heard some statistics about how bad this disease is, but exactly what is Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus? Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (otherwise known as just Type 2 Diabetes) is a problem with your body that causes the glucose (sugar) in your blood to rise to higher than normal levels. There are 2 common types of diabetes; type 1 and type 2. To learn more about the differences between these two, please see our Differences Between Type 1 and Type 2 page and for further details about Type 2, please see our Type 2 Diabetes – What is it? Page which goes into much more detail.


Although there is no actual known cure for Type 2, there are things that can be done to help manage the disease. You can find interesting information about steps you can take to help manage and possibly even reverse this disease at Is There a Cure for Type 2 Diabetes. You can also look into other programs like The Diabetes Loophole which is a program that can help reverse type 2 diabetes naturally.

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Diabetes Stats

  • 9.3% of the United States population, or 29.1 million people, have diabetes.
  • 21.0 million people are diagnosed while 8.1 million people are undiagnosed.
  • 27.8% of people with diabetes are not diagnosed.
  • 13.6% of men over the age of 20 have diabetes and 11.2% of women have diabetes.

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